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St Paul's Cathedral Modern English Teaching High School Sukkur was founded in 1955 by Mr. Abdul Samad Khan, a graduate of St. John’s College Agra in India. He migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and settled at Sukkur. He started his carrier as a school teacher from a school named St. Paul’s. Upon arrival in Sukkur he decided to continue teaching profession and joined St. Mary’s High School Sukkur. Since he was a man of principles, he met with a dispute with school administration and later on he resigned with a challenge that he will establish a prestigious educational institute. In the year 1955, Modern English Teaching High School was started in a two roomed rented house behind city’s famous Minaret of “Masoom Shah”. Mr. Samad’s dedication, hard work and sense of morality together with the team of dedicated and competent professionals took the school to the heights of success. His wife Mrs. M. J. Samad is also remembered with great respect as she always stood by her husband, apart from teaching at school. Within a short span of time i.e. in the year 1959, a former residential technical school building near GPO Sukkur was acquired on rent.

The entire civil society appreciated the efforts put forward by Mr. Samad for delivering quality education and teaching moral values. And even today he is known as “Sir Samad” of Sukkur. The students at school were taught to be punctual, honest and decent with special emphasis on discipline. Soon this school became the talk of town and people from every walk of life shifted their kids to this school. This was the founder’s greatest achievement in those initial days of school’s establishment. Construction of school’s present building started in the year 1968 and almost 80% work was completed by the year 1972. Work was still in progress when it was nationalized on 1st September 1972. During construction the students happily worked after school hours along with Sir Samad and helped in construction work by picking bricks, cement bags and other material. The present members of the alumni are a living witness of sharing their sweat and blood in school’s construction.

In March 1972 a well wisher of Sir Samad informed him that the government is planning to nationalize all educational institutions in the country and it was high time where he could save his property by shifting the school to some other rented avenue. Sir Samad simply replied, with his usual nonchalance, “Mr. Soomro the Mighty Moughals couldn’t hold on to their colossal Empire, this is just a tiny school” The rest is Legend.

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The Designates  
  • Prof.Bader-uddin Farooqui(Patron Incheif)

  • Prof.Anwar samad Khan(Patron)

  • Dr.Monazza Ghayyoor(President)

  • Dr.Waqar Pathan(Vice President)

  • Prof.Dr.Shamsuddin Sheikh(Vice President)

  • Adbul Qadir Ghumro(Vice President)

  • Shahid Jatoi(Vice President)

  • Ms.Seema Asif(Vice President)

  • Syed Muhammad Tayeb(General Secretary)

  • Ms.Jamal Fatima(Joint Secy. & MC)

  • Aijaz Ahmed Siddiqui(Finance Secretary)

  • Farukh Minhas(Office Secretary)
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